Affordable Managed Colocation in Toronto, Canada

Posted on October 21st, 2009

Okay, so here’s a hypothetical but very relevant/practical story….

Lets say you have just purchased a bunch of hosting servers to manage applications, store important data files and host web sites. You made a difficult decision purchasing these servers but you but you stuck to your guns to handle all your important data internally!

Naturally I would go on to say “tisk tisk” for hosting critical information internally –  but well, lets skip that lecture for right now.

At the time it seemed like a good idea to manage your organization’s  servers internally because things were slow and there was some uncertainty about how well the project was going to go. Fast Forward – It’s a year later and your application has taken off and everyone is thrilled!!…..but as of late you have been finding it difficult to manage your time properly because you are consistently performing mundane repetitive tasks that are sucking your days dry for time – your overall productivity for the greater good has diminished and hiring an extra staff member may not be in the budget.

But let’s put it into perspective – everyone has their reasons for hosting data internally. But, once organizations can no longer handle managing their servers internally or justify the cost of doing so, they must be aware that there is an alternative solution for them to consider – Managed Colocation hosting.

So, what exactly is managed colocation?

Managed Colocation hosting services allow you and your company to outsource previously purchased servers to a reliable data center server network and let you work with a team of dedicated Internet hosting professionals. The team will help you out with any questions you may have, assist in customizing the web  servers to your liking and assure your information is always secure. This way you get to work with technical professionals that will explain details and concepts to fit with your company’s business objectives.

When you outsource your servers to a well established reliable data centre, like SevenL, you start a new journey for yourself and the organization you represent. You are taking positive steps forward making you and your organization more productive, freeing up your own busy schedule and increasing reliability across the board.

SevenL is a leading provider of managed colocation solutions, and we encourage you to inquire to learn more!