Arch Linux Dedicated Server and Others Donated by SevenL Networks, Dedicated Hosting Provider

Posted on February 3rd, 2009

Arch Linux Dedicated Server
Arch Linux, the newest dedicated hosting server operating system in our lineup, recently received a donated dedicated server through SevenL. Over the past few months, we’ve been contacting a series of Linux distributions to see if we can offer them free dedicated servers, VPS or other services to help make them more successful. We have plenty of data center space still available, and after all, SevenL wouldn’t have been possible without the generous contributions made by the open source and Linux communities. Arch is one such organization that was quick to respond saying ‘yes’ to our offer.

Other Linux Distributions Using SevenL Dedicated Servers
Arch Linux isn’t the only Linux organization to take us up on our offer. Others include Gentoo Linux, CentOS, StartCom Linux, Linux Mint and NimbleX just to name a few.

Gentoo Linux – The First SevenL Dedicated Hosting Donation
Gentoo Linux was the first organization that SevenL donated dedicated hosting to. They have a series of servers with us in our data center. Since 2003 we’ve been providing dedicated servers for them to build out their Linux distribution. They have also been very generous, and confident enough in SevenL to send us over a number of Gentoo dedicated server and Gentoo VPS customers, for which we’re extremely grateful.

CentOS Is Using SevenL Dedicated Servers
CentOS was the second to come on board. We have been providing CentOS with a donated dedicated server for about 2 years now. While they are one of the most popular Linux brands out there today, they still rely on the many generous donations and hosting services that companies, such as SevenL, can provide.

StartCom Linux Relies on SevenL Dedicated Hosting
StartCom Linux was over-joyed when the opportunity to use one of SevenL’s dedicated servers was presented to them. They quickly jumped at the chance to use a reliable dedicated host within a North American datacenter (they’re predominantly located in Israel), making file access quicker for North American visitors and users. StartCom has since joined forces with SevenL to launch the new and improved MediaHost shared hosting service.

Linux Mint Uses SevenL Dedicated Server, Moves Forum to SevenL
On a casual note, LinuxMint has one of the coolest slogans I’ve seen for a Linux distro: “From freedom came elegance”. And SevenL couldn’t agree more. Of course the type of freedom they refer to is mostly the freedom to make changes to source, but we like to think the free dedicated server we donate to Linux Mint helps them breed elegance as well. I have recently been informed that in addition to the functions Linux Mint currently performs on their SevenL dedicated server that they will also be moving their forum over as well. SevenL is truly having an impact on the Linux world!

SevenL Dedicated Servers Help Power NimbleX
NimbleX, while a bit of a smaller distribution relatively speaking, is still important from our perspective. The dedicated hosting server that we provide NimbleX with is apparently used for doing custom Linux builds (aka Custom NimbleX). It’s a really neat feature of their website that allows visitors to create a custom image of the Linux distribution, save it to file for a period of time on the server and then download that custom build. All through their website. Neat!

There you have it… a very quick breakdown of some of the Linux organizations that rely on SevenL for their dedicated servers, VPS and other dedicated hosting solutions. We’re more than proud of the organizations we sponsor. Do you know of another Linux distro that could be on its way up if it had access to hosting resources? By all means, please let us know!