Build Your Own Data Center In Toronto

Posted on June 2nd, 2010

+++WarningThis Post is best received for serious businesses that are interested in setting up their own physical data center presence, or backup facility in Toronto, bottom feeders need not apply!+++

What exactly does this mean? Well, SevenL is in a very unique position. Strategically located just outside the financial core of downtown Toronto, our 100 000 sqft commercial building is an ideal place for a Company looking to setup their own hosting infrastructure. We have owned the property for over 15 years, providing affordable Industrial/Commercial real estate suites, and of course our world renowned hosting services for the past 7 years.

With the increasing demand in the data space and inevitably more competition, we feel it is important to collaborate with like minded people and businesses. We have everything you need to get your own data center up and running!

7 Labatt Place, Home of SevenL Networks Inc.

7 Labatt Place, Home of SevenL Networks Inc.

Sure, technically you can setup a hosting company anywhere, but if you are just reselling services (which is fine) or you have no physical presence, your options are limited, if you are a mid to large organization. You can buy or lease a building, but does that building have fibre optics in it so you can run your data and clients on blazing fast connections? Probably not. We have the core shell for a data center in our building and we are promoting this opportunity to organizations that require a physical presence to conduct serious business.

The bottom line is, if you are looking to build out your own data center, look no further than 7 Labatt Avenue, home of SevenL Networks Inc.

If interested, or just want to have an open conversation , please feel free to  call our fearless leader @David Gallo at 416-237-9176 ext. 236