Colocation is a Great Way to Grow Your Business

Posted on March 6th, 2012

Tough competition in an increasingly global economy makes it necessary for every business to find ways to stay competitive. For this reason, today, even the smallest players rely on the Internet to communicate with, and inform their customer. A secure, fast and reliable Internet connection to boost business is the key to success. Small and mid-seized companies don’t always have the financial and technical background to host their own server infrastructure nor to hire a full-time IT engineer.


What can be done when setting up an in-house web hosting infrastructure is simply not feasible? Many small and mid-size companies choose colocation hosting as it provides state-of-the-art data center infrastructure specifically for business web hosting. Colocation service are are often the best way for business to grow online as it keeps costs down and provides top-tier Internet serving.


Managing your own web hosting server in a professional data facility has multiple advantages that primarily includes direct access to knowledge and advanced technology as well as security features.


How does colocation work? In short, Colocation means that a company (or even an individual) can rent space for their server(s), which will be placed in a professional data center of a business web hosting provider. Such data center facilities are likely to integrate advanced cooling, fibre optic cable high speed Internet, high power supply (including emergency generators and uninterrupted power supplies), cutting-edge security systems and, most importantly, IT experts that professionally manage and maintain the data center and optionally your server, 24/7.


To get all of this in-house as an initial investment would cost your business a very large sum of money in capital costs – exceeding the budget of most mid-seized companies. Businesses that make use of colocation services benefit from a secure and stable Internet presence with the bandwidth that they require for their own online operations. For this reason, colocation makes web hosting less complicated, more reliable, and much more economical. Additionally, bandwidth can be flexible, meaning it can increase according to your company’s requirements within minutes.


Another advantage of using professional colocation services is the availability of highly advanced disaster recovery solutions in the event something goes wrong. If your business is in need for colocation services, it’s a good idea compare different business web hosting providers and their services to make an informed choice.