Interview with Dominic, Junior Systems Ninja

Posted on September 20th, 2012

It has been a while since we posted the first interview with one of 7L’s awesome team members. Today is the day we resume our new interview series and introduce one of our newbies: Dominic loves the Big Bang Theory, gaming, and pretty much everything that’s related to computers…



What is your role at 7L Networks? Please tell us about your position and responsibilities!

Being the newest member of the 7L Team guy, my duties can vary. They can range from cabling, building new servers, helping the other tenants in our office building with their IT problems, reconfiguring existing servers, and lastly ( I think ), but certainly not least, ruling with customer support. I sincerely enjoy working with our clients to ensure the best experience possible.


What do you like about the web hosting industry?

I like that there is never a dull moment. Things always need your attention and usually require some sort of problem solving to resolve the issue at hand. There are always new challenges to overcome and new opportunities to learn something new. It is a service everyone needs.


Let’s talk a little bit about you. Please tell us some fun facts about Dominic Dos Santos!

Well, for starters, I used to have an iguana named Fluffy, who recently joined a traveling reptile show. I am an avid gamer and Star Trek fan, and I have a picture of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory on my wall. I got started with computers back when my dad brought home a brand new Windows 95 PC and I discovered how to add my own user account (Yes, I am also the young guy around here too), and switched to Linux in a hurry. Arch Linux is my favourite distribution. I also love my Android phone.

What kind of advice would you give to someone who wants to start a tech company?

Never stop. Start in your basement. Get a workbench and as many old parts as you can. Learn how to use Unix/Linux (start with Gentoo, and progress into what suits your fancy…suchas  Arch, Debian or CentOS). Find a few cheap servers online and start playing around with them. Find a spot in the market where you can fit into and build up your empire from there!


What is your vision for 7L Networks? How do you go about realizing the company’s vision?

Personally, I want to see this business continue on it’s successful road. 7L really has the infrastructure to become a hosting juggernaut due to our Real Estate, and more importantly our great staff who have amazing attitudes and always have new ways to make this company bigger and better. I am also especially excited with our IaaS offering that we have been working hard on. I do my part with keeping things organized and giving my $0.02 when I think something could be optimized. We continue on a daily basis to achieve our Mission and Vision on a daily basis, but let’s let our customers tell that story!


Great, thanks a lot for this interview :)