Interview with Peng, Solution Architect

Posted on October 2nd, 2012

In today’s interview we’d like to introduce Peng, Solution Architect and lover of classic music…



What is your role at 7L Networks? Please tell us about your position and responsibilities!

I designed the architecture of our next IaaS solution. Right now I’m working on it’s implementation, as well as I am our team lead for our development team.  I also work on data analysis and write algorithms internally for our Company.


What do you like about the web hosting industry? 

I really enjoy the fact that data hostingand infrastructure is the platform in which ideas and businesses are hosted on… My passion is on the big data industry, which utilizes somewhat similar infrastructure, but in my opinion it is far more bad ass in nature and scale :)


Let’s talk a little bit about you. Please tell us some fun facts about Peng Cheng!

Well, I don’t have a lot of fun facts… When out of my office, I like music (mostly classic, soundtrack and symphonic metal), maths (in particular, AI-related maths), weight training, cycling and video games. When I was a teenager I wanted to become a composer in classic music, but discarded that idea since I realized that all composers of any meaning died before I was born. Regardless, I’m seeking opportunities to learn composition and sound engineering.


What kind of advice would you give to someone who wants to start a tech company?

Get ready for a challenge. It will be like taking a long shot that is (very likely) longer than the longevity of yourself. I heard many stories of young prodigies became prominent through their own businesses, but in most cases, it means long time of thinking, hard work, pressure and solitude, without acknowledgment and recognition, be prepared for them.

Second, don’t do things others have already done. Under estimating your competitors’ intelligence or diligence is a dangerous illusion.

Third, the more risk you take the less likely you lose, this is known as the law of big number in statistics.


What is your vision for 7L Networks? How do you go about realizing the company’s vision?

I’m kind of a lab+gym rat so I really enjoy turning this place into a mixture of data science powerhouse and barbells. I guess I can achieve this by turning some of the unused racks into power cages.


Great, thanks a lot for this interview :)