Office Space in Toronto for Startups and Established Businesses – Meet 7 Labatt Avenue

Posted on November 1st, 2010

With all the innovation and startups that are popping up in our great city of Toronto, 7 Labatt Avenue is pleased to be the home of many startups as well as established businesses. SevenL Networks is a proud tenant of 7 Labatt. If you can believe, yes even SevenL Networks was a startup Company at one time. A lot of what we learned in our early years has defined who we have become today. We are also in a fortunate position, because we own the building we operate out of. This is a pretty unique situation, we think, and because of the luck and great people we have had around us over the years, we feel it is very important to provide an excellent home for the small businesses and startups situated in Toronto.

Coworking has really started to catch on. This isn’t a terribly innovative concept, it just so happens that innovative people adopted this concept and has changed a lot of ways companies operate today. 7 Labatt Avenue has proudly setup coworking space in wonderful east side of Toronto. Why here? Well for starters we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we live breathe and sleep business and collaborative environments. We are always here to help and assist startup businesses as much as we possibly can. This coupled with other bright and aspiring business owners, is a fantastic place for you to start and grow your business.

7 Labatt Place location

We all have our own stories of how we started. Some in their parents basement, others in a garage somewhere, and those that stumble on ideas in a coffee shop. We at 7 Labatt Place are the culmination of all those experiences bundled into one friendly and hard-working community. If you believe in yourself, are full of life and energy, don’t quit, and of course like to have some fun as well, we are the perfect place for you! Kick the overpriced coffee shops, and come join us in a fantastic building in the hottest gentrification surroundings Toronto has ever seen.

Seconds from the DVP, 10 minutes to Union Station/Bay St., and a 7 minute TTC Streetcar ride to Dundas Square, we are in the perfect location for you to get around town. 7 Labatt is easily accessible from the TTC (Queen+River St stop) and we are located a short walk up River St. on the east side.

For more information regarding office space, whether it be our coworking space, or if you require 5000+ sqft. please contact dgallo (at) sevenl (dot) net OR fill out this simple form HERE and we will be in contact with you shortly.