SevenL Networks Adds Virtual Private Servers to Service Lineup

Posted on April 6th, 2004

Toronto, Canada – SevenL Networks (website) Monday announced it is now offering a complete Virtual Private Server (VPS – also know as Virtual Dedicated Servers) service lineup.

“This is something that our clients have been requesting, and we have responded,” said Cassius Adams, Vice President of Sales at SevenL Networks. “Working with the Gentoo Linux operating system has allowed us to offer a first-class tool that will make our customers’ lives easier. The service reduces the price of leasing a dedicated server to the point where anyone can afford it. Clients will have a choice between 3 different Virtual Private Server offerings. “Expect to see additional packages in the near future” Adams added.

SevenL Networks now has the capacity for growing with each of its clients; starting them off on Shared Hosting or Virtual Private Servers and then moving them over to full Dedicated Servers as their natural growth requirements dictate.

“Server owners will have full administrative (root) capability providing maximum flexibility and customization… and each server comes with a second mirrored hard drive to avoid any unexpected corruption of files or data loss” says Todd Berman, SevenL’s Chief Technical Officer.

SevenL Networks Inc.
SevenL Networks Incorporated builds and maintains servers specifically designed for unique business functions. Their services lineup includes Web Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, Managed Servers/Services, Web Application Design and Development. SevenL Networks is an industry leader and currently boast over 200,000 different server flavours and complete customization. SevenL Networks operates out of Toronto, Canada.