The Web Hosting Industry in Canada

Posted on May 22nd, 2012


Researching on the web hosting industry in Canada doesn’t lead to tons of informative websites even if you include paid articles and white papers in your search. This is surprising considering the vast growth of the web hosting industry in Canada over the last fifteen years.

To give our readers a short and informative overview of Canada’s web hosting services and wider industry, with Toronto as the “Silicon Valley” of Canada’s tech scene, we followed one of today’s trends and made a “cool” infographic.

Looking at the facts and numbers of what we have discovered in our industry research, 7L is proud to be located right in the centre of an aspiring, national data centre environment. With 44,9% of Canada’s entire employers in the web hosting services industry, Toronto offers one of the world’s most advanced hosting infrastructure. But have a look at the facts…


Web Hosting in Canada




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