Why Does SevenL Help Linux and Open Source Software?

Posted on July 21st, 2009

In 2003, SevenL Networks stepped back and took a good look at our customers. A most obvious trend jumped out at us – the majority of our customers were turning to Linux and Open Source for their mission-critical services.

SevenL made a decision that goes against all business rules and beliefs – offer our services for free to Linux distributions and open source software with only one rule:  that the server is used for the growth of their Linux organization and the open source movement.

In 2003 we began by donating three dedicated servers to Gentoo Linux and more to CentOS. Now, we’re proud to add Arch Linux, Linux Mint, Startcom Linux and PartedMagic to that prestigious list with their own dedicated web hosting servers.

Why Choose SevenL Networks?

Besides giving back to the community, we have just completely overhauled our line of award winning dedicated hosting offerings to give you the most optimized hardware at incredible prices.  Complete high-quality dedicated hosting solutions are now starting at only $40 per month and are designed to give you the advantage!

Our state of the art data center was built by us, is owned by us and is fully optimized for speed and security and is 99.9% uptime guaranteed. Our Relentless Support™ team is both helpful and friendly.

With hundreds of clients in dozens of countries, SevenL Networks provides top-tier, high-performance dedicated hosting solutions for mission-critical applications. All servers are affordably priced and completely flexible and customizable to meet your specific business needs.