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7L web hosting is a cloud solution for developing and running web apps. Built-in failover, scaling, and an all-access control panel, all enclosed within a containerized instance, delivers a comprehensive web hosting solution that empowers web applications and developers.

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Choice of Program Languages

Our web hosting gives you the power to create, using your choice of language including PHP, Java, .NET, Go, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Perl, C#, HTML5 and more.

Open Source Apps and CMS Solutions

Deploy a full range of open source software solutions, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more, on 7L cloud web hosting. There’s choice of a full range of one-click apps. We’ve made launching websites simple and fast so you can stay productive.

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Containerized Development

Web hosting on 7L’s cloud features Docker containerization, isolating your web hosting, files, databases, and security, within virtual machines dedicated to your applications. Docker reduces resource consumption, saving you money.

Staging to Production

Quickly create and destroy multiple staging environments during your application development cycles. For continuous integration workflows, because it’s containerized, platform independent, and portable, you can easily copy it to any OS X, Windows, Linux, or cloud platform during QA testing and development. Then deploy it to production instantly.

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Launching Your Web Hosting

3 easy steps. Get access to your website launched in just minutes

  1. Create your 7L Networks account (or log in)
  2. Launch web hosting platform
  3. Store files, media, and more

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7L Networks Supports GlobalMedic

GlobalMedic is a charity that aims to serve our global community by helping the ones in need and saving lives in crisis areas all over the world.

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Live Chat, Email or Call Us +1(866)639-5123


Live Chat, Email or Call Us +1(866)639-5123

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