Infrastructure-as-a-Service on Dedicated Equipment

7L managed and unmanaged dedicated servers meet the most intensive computing demands. Built-in RAID1 delivers redundant storage, standard, automatically, and affordably. Technology entrepreneurs to enterprise organizations rely on our dedicated server hosting solutions to deliver premium, consistent results.

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Redundant Storage

7L dedicated servers are designed to support I/O intensive hosting workloads, and are configured in RAID1, by default, to meet your redundancy and high performance requirements. Rest assured of your data's integrity with redundant disk mirroring, or select the extra speed of RAID10 across additional replicating drives.

Open Source Freedom

Deploy a full range of open source software solutions and choose from a variety of open operating systems on a 7L dedicated server. There's choice of a variety of Linux distributions like Ubuntu and CentOS, and open source solutions such as Apache and MySQL. Select your basic install stack requirements during your order and we'll build to spec. We've made it simple and fast.

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Server Components are Guaranteed

We guarantee our equipment by utilizing proven components in our dedicated servers. In the event that an equipment failure occurs, keeping your specific service delivery needs in mind, we'll replace the problematic component, ensuring the availability of your services. Faulty component replacement is performed free of charge.

Manage Your Server or Have Us Manage It

Choose between taking complete control of your dedicated server, or have us take on that responsibility by managing and maintaining it for you. If you're comfortable logging in as root/administrator and maneuvering around, you'll benefit from the control of Unmanaged. For those that have a working familiarity with Linux servers, our control panel will likely get you by - and we're here for you if you need help. Customers that are new to having their own server should opt to have it Managed by 7L for them.

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Server Control Panel

Included on Linux dedicated servers is the Virtualmin control panel, making mundane system administration tasks quick and easy. With a full range of all-access functionality, you can perform simple tasks like setting up email or web hosting accounts, to more complex tasks like server clustering or fine-tuning daemons. Because the Virtualmin control panel is web based and mobile-ready, you'll always have fast, easy control of your server when needed, no matter what computer or device you're accessing from.

Console or Graphical Interface

Choose to install your dedicated server in graphical mode for point-and-click simplicity on Linux and Windows, or take full command and select the performance and speed of console-based SSH on your Linux dedicated server.

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  2. Select your server specs and place your order
  3. Store files, install software, and more

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